Several modules brought under single umbrella, so that it helps the management to take decision. This is also very easy in operation and does not need any special training to operate this

The solution is segregated into different modules and can be very easily changed according to the requirement of any organisation

The solution is so built that it can cater to big industries as well as small business organisations

Tea Garden


All transactions required in a tea garden, starting from daily Kamjari, Tea processing and upto despatch can be entered in this package.

Data can be transferred from ADSL machine and soon the attendance gets generated

All type of attendance, Accounts, Store Inventory, Power & Fuel Consumption can be maintained here

Numerous MIS reports are available for the Mgmt. to analyse and keep a firm control over the monetary transactions at the garden.



All transactions required in a manufacturing unit can be maintained here. production planning, indent creation, bill of materials, Work In Progress, JOb Outsourcing, Store Maintenance can be done through this system

This software makes it easier for the management to keep a firm control over the Raw Material purchase, their issue, rate of these items and depatch details.



An online system to keep an easy track of transactions at all outlets

Laundrette maintained through swap card and token, both can be maintained through this system

Their is provision to upload the data output from the machine into this software. Immediately the management gets all the summary/detail of all transactions at the outlets.

The system is integrated with Raw Material Inventory and accounts

Management's Desk

Our Journey

Fast Moving Computer and Icon Systems headed by Mr.Arun Bhattacharya and Mr. Koushik SenGupta respectively have implemented softwares at Kolkata's several corporate houses for more than ten years. Finally both the firms joined hands to share their knowledge and experience for bigger projects.

Since last 3 years , Right Click Systems have developed and implemented different off-shore and on-shore projects of big industrial houses

With a big team of experienced developers, Right Click Systems is already proved to be another name of commitment